Global MedService Partners Facility Operations and Maintenance

Who We Are

GMP is a unique team of professional business leaders with successful track records of growing organic businesses and winning new opportunities in sometimes difficult, austere international environments in each of our seven disciplines. We average more than 25 years of experience working with companies providing goods and services to commercial companies and government and defense providers around the world. We have our own key clients; we have carefully picked partners whose strategic focus and business ethics align with ours; and we have successfully transformed those relationships into market-focused teams, each of whose members are critical components of the other's success.

Two key elements of GMP' leadership past success is our strong relationships with customers, partners, subcontractors, and rules makers, and the meaningful value proposition we bring to each of our customers. The value proposition sets the table for success and is especially important to customers in emerging economies. GMP believes our value-added approach gives us a competitive advantage, particularly in international environments. We demonstrate our long-term commitment to our customers, their employees and their country. And, in doing so, GMP can offer lower overall prices for better service over an extended program life.

Our network of skilled manpower providers is a force multiplier for GMP and allows us to implement a solution with the right workforce skills, in near real time, and sustain the program while we integrate local labor. We also have access to US ex-patriots who have been supporting US government programs around the world. As the US defense budget shrinks and foreign policy changes impact these markets, many highly trained Americans are available to add special skills when needed.

Global MedService Partners Management Support Services